Our story goes back many years to the early ‘90s.

For decades, we grew up spending a lot of time on our computers rather than in nature. We were not being mindful or present in our everyday lives.

We worked and strengthened our bodies but ignored the mind. Nobody ever taught us or even told us about the mind.
For a long time, there was a void, a big piece missing in our lives.

A strong body without a strong mind wouldn’t really let us experience life fully. We started experimenting with optimizing the mind.

By making sure our minds grew stronger as each day passed, everything else in life started aligning for the better, including our health, bodies, relationships, emotions, and finances.
After discovering meditation & crystals, our life was not the same. These natural tools helped strengthen our minds quickly and empowered us to progress much faster.

So, now we want to bring these incredible tools for self-empowerment to you.

UpSpirit was founded with the vision to help uplift your spirit, your soul and your mind.

Company Information
TheBigSpirit LLC
1712 Pioneer Ave. Ste 500
Cheyenne WY
United States 82001